Care For People, Cure Every Patient

PersonGen BioTherapeutics (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

PersonGen BioTherapeutics (Suzhou) Co. Ltd is a biotech company focusing on developing leading-edge cellular therapeutics. The company is committed to developing CAR-related therapeutic and analytical antibodies, novel CAR- products, and allogeneic cellular therapies. The company has developed a comprehensive pipeline of products and a world-leading allogeneic off-the-shelf UCAR-Vδ1 T-cell R&D platform.

PersonGen.Anke Cellular Therapeutics Co., Ltd.

PersonGen-Anke Cellular Therapeutics Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary company and the manufacturing base of PersonGen BioTherapeutics. The company is equipped with the global-leading fully-automated, closed manufacturing system for cellular therapeutics. It also has the most advanced facilities for the manufacturing of clinical-grade DNA plasmids and lentiviruses. The company has developed fully validated manufacturing processes of CAR-T, allogeneic γδT and UCAR-γδT products.

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Technology Platform

PersonGen BioTherapeutics is one of the first company in China focusing on the development of CAR-T and other cellular immunotherapies.
We are driven by our values “Care for People, Cure Every Patient”, and is committed to being the world leader on developing allogeneic cellular therapies against tumors and autoimmunity diseases.


Conceptual Pilot Study, Patient Recruitment

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